Celtic Realm on Kickstarter

Kickstarter Edition Produced by Will Miller

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     "I bought Celtic Realm sometime during in the 1980s and our family played it every day for years. After the kids grew up, we tossed most of the games but kept Celtic Realm. We have recently rediscovered it, and play after breakfast and dinner every day. We have seduced some of our friends into playing as well !"  -L. D.

      Celtic Realm is a strategy game played on a board inspired by the ancient game of Senet, with a beautiful Celtic theme. Players move their double-sided checkers along a path on the board by rolling three special dice. The object is to clear a set number of checkers from the board. (The number depends on how fast you want the game to go.) Each space on the board carries a bonus of either an additional move or a new piece added to the board. Players can 'ground' each others' pieces (remove them from play) if they end their move landing on a like-facing piece. The simple, yet elegant rules allow the game to be picked up quickly and enjoyed over and over as players develop their own style of play.

The Celtic Realm Kickstarter Edition for sale on this website is equipped with a double-sided board,

allowing you to play in either the original black-and-white style or in the new color version.

The dice in Celtic Realm are cast in a lead-free zinc alloy.

They were designed in collaboration with

Bold Print Shop.

The box was designed in collaboration with

Matthew Sebert Design.

Copyright © 2016 by William W. Miller/Owl Tree Games® All rights reserved.

Reproduction in any form is prohibited.

Celtic Realm® was originally created in 1979 by Randy Miller. After a successful Kickstarter campaign,
the game was reissued in 2016 by Will Miller.

For replacement parts, retail, or wholesale information: email contact@celticrealm.net or write to:
Owl Tree Games, 136 Lovers Lane, Greenfield, MA 01301